Israel’s Future


Have you ever met a Babylonian? Or a Hittite or an Assyrian or a Philistine or an Amalekite?  Have you ever met a Latin-speaking citizen of the Roman Empire?  At one time in history all these were great nations and empires that held the world in awe.  Today, they are all extinct.  One of the common characteristics of all these nations however was that they all persecuted or made war upon the Jews, attempting at various times to eradicate the Jewish people.

Though these once fearsome empires flourished for a time, their goals, religions and pride are all ashes today.  However the little nation of Israel while persecuted and rejected by much of the world still stands

Today Israel is back in their ancient homeland as a modern, independent and free nation.   There is really only one explanation for this amazing survival: The Divine Promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and kept by the same Living God.  

Israel: The Miracle Nation

This site is designed to give the evidences of the fulfillment of God’s promises to his people.  Read with an open heart and mind of the purpose, present and future God has promised to Israel.